• Pre-applied silicone stops, color-coded by length: 21mm - white, 25mm - yellow, 28mm - red, 31mm - black
  • Sharper angle positioning of the triangular profile produces a sharper blade
  • Contoured handle provides exceptional tactile control for reduced finger fatigue
  • Conical, non-cutting tip follows canal curve, providing reduced risk of ledging
  • Handles are numbered and color-coded with ISO symbol for easier identification

Packaged 6 to a box

Size 21mm 25mm 28mm 31mm
06 05321006R 05325006R 05328006R 05331006R
08 05321008R 05325008R 05328008R 05331008R
10 05321010R 05325010R 05328010R 05331010R
15 05321015R 05325015R 05328015R 05331015R
20 05321020R 05325020R 05328020R 05331020R
25 05321025R 05325025R 05328025R 05331025R
30 05321030R 05325030R 05328030R 05331030R
35 05321035R 05325035R 05328035R 05331035R
40 05321040R 05325040R 05328040R 05331040R
08-10 05321155R 05325155R - 05331155R
15-40 05321160R 05325160R 05328160R 05331160R
45 05321045R 05325045R 05328045R 05331045R
50 05321050R 05325050R 05328050R 05331050R
55 05321055R 05325055R 05328055R 05331055R
60 05321060R 05325060R 05328060R 05331060R
70 05321070R 05325070R 05328070R 05331070R
80 05321080R 05325080R 05328080R 05331080R
90 05321090R 05325090R 05328090R 05331090R
100 05321100R 05325100R 05328100R 05331100R
110 05321110R 05325110R 05328110R 05331110R
120 - 05325120R - 05331120R
130 - 05325130R - 05331130R
140 - 05325140R - 05331140R
45-80 05321165R 05325165R 05328165R 05331165R
90-110 05321170R 05325170R 05328170R 05331170R

Endodontic Instruments Literature PDF File


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