MAP System

Item Number Description
9105 Complete Endo Kit Includes: 4 Triple-Angled Needles with 6 red/6 yellow PEEK Pistons, 2 Curved Needles with 2 NiTi pistons/plungers, 2 Stainless Wells, 2 Cleaning Devices, 1 Set of Rings, 1 Ring Remover, 1 Sterilizable Alum. Case
9200 Endo Intro Kit (Improved) Includes: 2 Curved Needles with 2 NiTi Pistons, 2 Hooked Needles with 3 red/3 yellow PEEK pistons/plungers, 1 Stainless Well, 2 Cleaning Devices, 1 Sterilizable Alum. Cases
9300  **NEW** Surgical-Retro Kit For retrograde obturation after apical resection. Includes:
  • 1 Large sterilizable aluminum,
  • 1 Stainless syringe, 2 Yellow Triple-angle needles (one left and one right) 2 Yellow triple-angle "retro" needles (one left and one right)
  • 6 Yellow spare Peek pistons/plungers, 2 Red triple-angle needle (one left and one right)
  • 6 Red spare Peek pistons/plungers, 1 Stainless steel mixing well, 1 Yellow cleaning device, 1 Red cleaning device.
Refill Items
9110 Stainless Steel Syringe (1)
9120 Triple-Angled Needle - .9mm/right (1)-yellow
9130 Triple-Angled Needle - .9mm/left (1)-yellow
9140 Triple-Angled Needle - 1.1mm/right (1)-red
9150 Triple-Angled Needle - 1.1mm/left (1)-red
9160 Curved Needle - .9mm (1)-yellow
9162 Curved Needle - 1.3mm (1)-blue
9163 Curved Needle - 1.5mm (1)-green
9170 Curved Needle - 1.1mm (1)-red
9172 Hook Needle - .9mm (1)-yellow
9174 Hook Needle - 1.1mm (1)-red
9176 Hook Needle - 1.3mm (1)-blue
9178 Hook Needle - 1.5mm (1)-green
9180 Stainless Steel Mixing Well (1)
9195 Aluminum Sterilization Case - Small (1)
9205 Straight Needle - .9mm (1)-yellow
9210 Straight Needle - 1.1mm (1)-red
9215 Needle Cleaning Device - .9mm (1)-yellow
9220 Needle Cleaning Device - 1.1mm (1)-red
9222 Needle Cleaning Device - 1.3mm (1)-blue
9224 Needle Cleaning Device - 1.5mm (1)-green
9225 Peek pistons/plungers - .9mm (6)-yellow
9230 Peek pistons/plungers - 1.1mm (6)-red
9232 Peek pistons/plungers - 1.3mm (6)-blue
9234 Peek pistons/plungers - 1.5mm (6)-green
9235 NiTi pistons/plungers - .9mm (1)-yellow
9240 NiTi pistons/plungers - 1.1mm (1)-red
9206  **NEW** Straight Needle 1.3mm (1) - Blue
9207  **NEW** Straight Needle 1.5mm (1) - Green
9283  **NEW** NiTi pistons/plungers 1.5mm (1) - Green
9284  **NEW** NiTi pistons/plungers 1.3mm (1) - Blue
9301  **NEW** Triple-Angle (Retro) red/left
9302  **NEW** Triple-Angle (Retro) red/right
9303   **NEW** Triple-Angle (Retro) yellow/left
9304  **NEW** Triple-Angle (Retro) yellow/right

Features of the MAP System

  • Ideal for placement of endodontic repair cements such as ProRoot® MTA root canal repair material
  • Available in Complete Endo and Intro Endo Kits
  • Triple-angled needles for apical placement of materials
  • Curved needles for coronal material placement
  • Hooked needles for retrograde obturation, in sizes .9mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm and 1.5mm
  • Color Coding for easier tip identification
  • Aluminum sterilization case
  • Cleaning kit included

MAP Intro System PDF File
MAP Surgical System PDF File
MAP System Literature PDF File

MAP System
#9105 Complete Endo Kit
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MAP System
#9200 Endo Intro Kit
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MAP System
#9300 Surgical-Retro Kit
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Map System Obturation Information:

Hooked Needle Illustration
For Retrograde Obturation
after apical resection on anterior teeth
(Hooked Needle)
Triple-Angled Illustration
For Retrograde Obturation
after apical resection on both anterior and posterior teeth
(Triple-angled Needle)
Curved Needle Illustration
For Orthograde Obturation
perforation, pulp capping, root-end filling
(Curved Needle)
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